Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I ain't from these parts.

I must admit - I feel a little like a foreigner. 

I'm deep in the American south... And I don't sound a bit like anyone! 

Walking into the gas station to pay, I hesitate to open my mouth. All that I can produce is my crisp northwestern US English. I can see the wheels turning in their heads... 

'Y'all ain't from these parts, are ya hon?'

Nope. But I am fascinated by your accent. Lol. 

I'm fascinated by something else, too. 

This idea: do we have the accent of Heaven? 

Can anyone tell where we're from? Are we ashamed to open our mouths, for fear of being singled out as an outsider? 

My accent is no better than the one possessed by my friends in the south. But there's a lot of good in the Heavenly one. Let's not be ashamed of our Heavenly home. :)


  1. Hehe--your accent is a dead giveaway down here in the south! ;) What a good parallel though--may we always have an unmistakeable Heavenly accent!

  2. A thought to ponder, thank-you for sharing!