Sunday, November 30, 2014

You know something?

My God is faithful.

Through all the times my life has been out of control.
All I wanted and dreamed of was to control it. He stood there, pleading look in His eyes. He never forced me to surrender.

All the times when I thought my way was best. I wanted to choose for my life, everything from my shoes to my mission field. His pleading eyes looked on.

The times when the pain of rejection, the fear of the unknown, the stress of the present, were more than I could bear. He remained by my side.

And you know something?

It is rubbing off.

He never forced me to surrender. But the love in His pleading eyes has done it’s work.

I choose not to choose for myself. He knows best. Every time I’ve given Him an inch to work, He’s proven that His way can never hurt me. There is no loss with Him.

And now I am learning to rest in Him. I do not want to move without His smile. In fact, I refuse to do otherwise. I don’t want Him to fill my lack; I want Him to be my all.

And I ask you to consider it.

“Mission work” may occupy your time. You may spend your days reading His word. Feed the hungry, clothe the naked… these you may do.

But you’ve never tasted Life until you’ve held nothing back, reserved none of self.

I will not wait any longer. I’ve surrendered – God help me never go back on it.

Please join me. It’s worth it all the way.

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