Saturday, March 7, 2015

I've been spending some time thinking about the love of Christ...

 You see, at least for myself and many of my friends, the idea that someone, anyone, would actually love me.

 As I am.

 This idea is foreign and makes no sense. How do we know we can trust this Heavenly person who tells us He loves us?

 Many try hard to be lovable. They'll climb and climb, trying to reach the plain of perfection. And, just before they think they've reached it, they fall flat on their face. Hopeless, they give up. How could He ever love someone like them?

 Then I remember the story. She'd been drug into His presence. Her whole being filled with a sense of her guilt - quite recently incurred. Spotless purity comes in contact with sinful filth. Yet, He does not repulse her. He doesn't tell her to come back when she's a better person. Instead, He saves her life, and becomes her best Friend.

 Another, hanging on a cross next to Him. He deserved to be there... The One next to him did not. He'd done nothing to deserve anything good. Yet, he only trusted in that Man hanging on the cross, and was gladly received.

 And as for us? Why do we think He'll treat us any different?

 I've been trying to grasp it - this love. And I think I'm starting to understand, just a little...

 This Man. This, our link with the eternal Kingdom. Our Elder Brother... He'll never turn us away.

And yet, if we let Him, He'll never leave us as we are. Please don't wait till you're perfect, that day will never come.

 He's waiting.


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  2. Wow....... Thanks for sharing. It is a wonderful thought to know that Jesus accepts us as we are but we don't have to remain the same person as before we met Him! We can be totally and entirely transformed! What a blessing!