Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Random thoughts.

It's been a long time since I've written here.

Life has been full - very full. Although I have missed writing, I have been enjoying the silence.

And I have been learning much - in fact, two major realizations have hit me, and it is revolutionizing my life.

The first, is my realization that our generation is not exempt from making the same mistakes our forefathers made. I know, that sounds cliched, but I am talking particularly about the mistakes that the Pharisees and their cohorts made in Jesus' time.

They didn't think they were doing wrong - or at least so they told themselves. They made many rules into traditions and customs, that God had never asked or wanted them to partake in, let alone enforce.

And I wonder if we might be setting up traditions and customs that are hampering both our relationship with God and our ability to impart that?

Seems likely. That's my first lesson learned.

Second one, is that somehow society has made God out to be either a ruling tyrant or a Santa Claus. And, even if we don't go to those extremes, I fear that many, very many, do not have a proper idea, even in an elementary sense, who He is.

Because to know Him is to love Him.

How can you do anything else when the Creator and Ruler of the Universe gave everything for you?

He's no ruling tyrant. He's like a gentle parent, a loving brother. Yet often our minds eye view of Him isn't even as kind and loving as our friends. And this is a problem.

My view of Him is getting clearer, little by little. I see His care all around me, even to those who don't serve Him. And I can't help but love Him.

So, no, I haven't disappeared. I'm just learning quietly. I kind of like it. :)

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  1. So true. And perhaps, if we were to seek only to know God--really KNOW Him--the useless customs that hold us back would drop off...