Saturday, May 31, 2014


I've been pondering something of late, and I'd like to sort of offload the idea onto you all, and see what you think. 

You see, I've been thinking about risk. 

Anyone who starts a business, or invests, or you name it, when people do anything, there is an element of risk involved. 

Just go ask the guy who invested a billion dollars into a new business. Risky? Yeah. 

How about the couple that adopted a child, who has a less-than-perfect history? 

Or how about when you wake up in the morning? Yeah, believe it or not, that's risky too. 

But go back to that guy who spent a billion. Ask him if it was worth the risk. If he's invested wisely, he'll say yes. 


Because it pays, sometimes, to take risks. 

Let's look at another risk. 

Jesus, Majesty of Heaven, Eternal God. 

Comes to die for race of rebels. 



But to Him, it is worth it. Worth the risk that all would reject His free salvation, and His blood would be in vain. 

Just to give us the chance to say yes. 

How come we are willing to take risks for temporal things, but not for eternal things?

Why are we willing to go in debt to our eyeballs, and work around the clock, and take all sorts of risks that we'll lose everything... only to grasp at the "American dream" (nightmare?)

But we struggle so much with taking the risk of surrendering our sinful, pitiful, hurting souls to One we have sufficient evidence to believe will never let us down?

Why do we say it's too risky to serve wherever He calls, even if there's fighting, and cobras, and it costs money, and we might have to live in a hut. 

I wonder. Why?

I don't want this imbalance in my life, as it has been. I don't want to avoid risks. 

After all, He took the biggest risk possible on me. And it'd be worse than base ingratitude and pure beastliness to refuse to take any (imagined?) risk for Him. 

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  1. Amen! I can't believe that God was willing to take that much risk to lose His Life for not much more than a speck of dust, and most of us aren't even willing to accept it! Jesus doesn't even have the gift of being Omnipresent anymore!